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Export Worldwide

The world is a village we would like to serve. To reach and conquer the corners of the earth, we have entailed logistics facilities. Our prime concern remains providing the intact wall tiles and floor tiles to our customers based overseas. We thrive till our designer wall tiles from India reaches to your door step. For this, we have established Export Facilitation Centre which primarily looks after the quality of export, efficient transit process and timely delivery of export. Yesha tiles has also invested in securing a base at port and state of art equipment to assist the export packaging and transfer.

Container Details

Wall Tiles Container Stuffing Details - EU / Others

Tile Size Tile Thickness Tiles / box Sq.Mts / box Boxes / Pallet Sq.Mts. / Pallet Pallets / Container Boxes / Container Sq.Mts. / Container
30 x 45 CM 9 MM 6 0.81 108 87.48 20 2160 1749.60